Residential Treatment Program Strives To Meet Individual Needs

Not only the magnificent setting of our drug treatment center speaks to the necessity of a calm atmosphere; the professionally trained staff works with each client to create a program that assures their individual needs will be met. Everyone with whom participants come into contact – from the intake specialists to the nurses and therapists – has compassionate understanding and a desire to help participants on the road to recovery. Some participants may enter our drug treatment center after an addiction intervention has taken place. Others may come feeling desperate and alone. Still others may be participants in our COAR program, which provides staggered sessions in our residential treatment center while still allowing the participants to maintain their working schedules as part of an oil-rig team. All participants and their families are given the respect they deserve as they embark on the journey of recovery.

Residential Treatment Center Uses Technology to Aid Recovery

Using the traditional 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous as a base point, our programs are build upon the personal relationships inherent in working through addiction issues with others who have had the same experiences. In fact, our participants never need to feel alone. Participants also have the opportunity to choose the amount of time they want to spend in cognitive behavioral therapy, which offers one-on-one sessions to address the negative thinking patterns that are part of the disease of addiction. Cognitive behavioral therapists work with participants in developing new behaviors in response to negative thoughts, and iRecover tools make those suggestions available just a click away.