Private Addiction Treatment 

NOCCA private addition treatment programs strive to meet the needs of each client. In so doing, the staff recognizes the importance of individualized planning and attention. NOCCA also involves families in the recovery process. The sub-acute detox program will vary in duration, depending on a variety of factors. The nature of substance abuse involved, as well as the length of time that a client has suffered from addiction, will help determine the detox process. Once detox treatment has helped restore physical balance, then clients will be ready to move on to the four-week or eight-week programs offered at the residential treatment center.

Clients and their families will participate in educational programs about the disease of addiction, as well as group and individual therapies. As they do the rigorous work on their 12 Steps, they will have the support of the highly trained professional staff at the drug and alcohol treatment center. The eight-week program allows extra time for practicing the tools of recovery. Clients have the choice of participating in extended cognitive behavioral therapy, which is a well researched treatment for dealing with substance abuse. Cognitive behavioral therapy helps clients recognize patterns of negative thinking, which previously have led to choosing alcohol or drugs as a means of escape. It teaches new ways of behavior.