The North Coast Centre for Alcoholics (NOCCA) is a registered NPO in-house treatment facility for those seeking rehabilitation from substance abuse and is situated in the tranquil town of Tongaat, surrounded by rolling sugar cane fields.

NOCCA was established in 1993 by a group of concerned recovering alcoholics that identified the need for a rehabilitation facility on the north coast of KZN. Our principles are based on the AA’s 12 Steps of Recovery Programme.

From humble beginnings with just 2 bedrooms, a dining room and kitchen, we can now boast a treatment facility with :

  • *  A fully equipped kitchen
  • *  2 dining rooms
  • *  An audio-visual centre
  • *  4 bedrooms
  • *  A laundry
  • *  2 lounges
  • *  Therapy room
  • *  Fully equipped medical centre
  • *  An office and reception area
  • *  Greenhouse and hydroponic farming system
  • *  Security fence around the premises with 24 hours’ security cameras.

We can accommodate up to 12 patients at any given time. The restricted low number of admissions allow for a more effective, comprehensive treatment programme. We cater for medical aid and cash paying Clients.

Our staff includes the services of the following service providers :

  • Detox Programme with DOH and Life Victoria Hospital.
  • Clinical Programmes supported by (Psychologist, Professional Psychiatric Nurse and Doctor on call)
  • Therapeutic Programmes supported by our Full Time Social Worker and motivational talks by Recovered Clients.
  • The Clinic is will be overseen by a Qualified Centre Manager with a fast knowledge of substance abuse.
  • A full time cook will provide schumpous homemade meals for all our Clients.
  • Full Time Administration service available.

An in-house stay is offered for a period of 3 weeks. A varied daily programme is strictly followed and includes individual, group and family sessions with the nurse, social worker and psychologist. In addition, patients attend AA and NA meetings, have audio-visual sessions, workshops, motivational talks by invited guests and time for gardening and recreation.

Recreational activities include breathing exercises, playing board games, table-tennis, basketball and using the gym equipment.

Our greenhouse and hydroponic garden ensures that meals are prepared with fresh, organic vegetables and herbs. Three well-balanced meals and tea is served twice daily.

NOCCA’s doors are open to those that are sincere in their recovery with a willingness to positively change their lives and break away from scourge of alcohol and substance abuse.

Our Vision:

The North Coast Centre for Alcoholics, (NOCCA), helps people recovering from addiction, to maintain their recovery, by providing them with the tools and an environment needed to consolidate new life skills, while steadily re-integrating back into society. We aim to provide an environment that infuses addiction-free living over the long-term.

Mission Statement:

The North Coast Centre for Alcoholics, (NOCCA), provides a safe communal recovery home for people recovering from addiction. We ensure that people have the support they need to continue with their recovery programmes, and to re-enter life with confidence in the ability to remain clean and sober.